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Representing Families Along Their Immigration Journey for over 30 Years.

Trust Our Experience

Immigration related legal issues have the tendency to arise when you least expect them to - and when they do - it is important to contact an immigration specific law firm you can trust. With Lau & Associates Co., LPA, you can trust that you will get courteous, prompt service along with the expertise which is only gained through years of practicing immigration law. For over 30 years we have been assisting generations of families with immigration related legal issues that affect their family unity, economic endeavors and personal rights.


When you call on us for your immigration related legal needs, you can trust that we will strive to acheive the best possible result for you and your family during your immigration journey.

Feel free to contact our office by calling 614-846-3147 or contact us via email @ to schedule an initial consultation and case evaluation with our Columbus, Ohio immigration lawyers.


*Family Based Immigration


*Employment Based Immigration


*Removal/Deportation Defense


*Domestic Divorce/Dissolution

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